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Componentes para Sistema de Combustão: Compreendem válvulas de bloqueio, manômetros, reguladoras de pressão, filtros, solenóides, pressostatos, servomotores, ignitores, sensores de chama, programadores de partida, transformadores de ignição, etc.


Did you know that almost all materials that surround us have undergone some kind of thermal process?

It was thinking about that,in 1982, Comércio e Representações de Equipamentos Cerâmicos Ltda was founded, initially offering materials

and market-oriented equipment ceramic.

Currently, Perfil Térmico offers products for thermal insulation and industrial heating, serving various sectors and market segments, which include industries of production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemical and petrochemical, household appliances, power generation, ceramics, glass, pulp and paper, sugar-energy, among others.

Wcommitment, quality and innovation is what moves Perfil Térmico, which through a qualified team, it optimizes the performance of each client, analyzing and defining the most appropriate applications for each need and structure.

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